New season, new kit!

Koru (/ˈkɒrʊ/): noun
1. A spiral shape based on the appearance of a new unfurling silver fern frond. It is an integral symbol in Māori art, carving and tattooing, where it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace.

New year, new season, new kit, new logo!

It’s no secret that the fern is an incredibly important symbol to us Kiwis but for us, the Koru sums up perfectly where we are on our journey.

We’re very proud to be able to share the opportunity to start a new life in the sport and grow with all our riders, sponsors and staff, both as a team and individuals.

Our new logo and the ferns on our new @audaci_design kit for 2022 are there to remind us of this, and we can’t wait to show off our new colours out on the road